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Goodbye 113th Congress, Goodbye HARP 3.0

The 113th United States Congress officially adjourned sine die on December 24, 2014. “Adjourn Sine Die” means to adjourn with no further meetings. The 114th Congress will commence on January 3, 2015. The first day of actual business for the 114th Congress is January 6th. All pending bills from the 113th Congress are now officially dead. This includes all HARP 3.0 related legislation that was stalled in various committees over the last two years. It is possible the 114th Congress will reintroduce legislation related to extending the parameters of the Home Affordable Refinance Plan, but the likelihood of it ever passing is more remote than ever. Republicans have been staunch opponents of HARP 3.0 all along, and they now have a majority in both houses of the 114th Congress. The Democrats, though spineless, at least gave HARP 3.0 lip service. The Democrats previously held a slight majority in the House of Representatives of the 113th Congress.


Updated: January 3, 2015 — 2:13 pm


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  1. Well, it looks yet again that the responsible borrow gets the shaft. We bailed out every risky loan borrower and the banks that issued those loans. The folks that have responsible mortgages were allowed to watch their house values fall and were offered no opportunity to get the same benefits that the creators of this crisis were afforded. Why do we continue to reward irresponsibility and punish the responsible. What is the benefit for people to do the right thing anymore?

  2. I like many have waited for H3 to happen.I have a high interest mortgage. Does anyone realize how this would help the government collect more taxes? The less interest we can deduct from our federal returns will increase our tax multiply that by millions of struggling owners like myself. I have a private mortgage and upside down by about 25000. I think the republicrats look at this as another expensive program that will never be paid for… It would be a win-win. on the downside, I believe we would all pay mortgage insurance for the life of our new loans. Nice, btw, mortgage insurance is now a tax right off, so I hear. Proud to be a Real American. Nice leadership

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