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I am posting these widgets as an easy way for you to write Congress and tell them to support legislation related to HARP 3.0 that is currently stalled in committee. There are three such widgets/bills. Submit once for each to tell Congress to Make HARP 3 Happen!



Updated: April 21, 2014 — 1:32 pm


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  1. I support S. 1373: A bill to increase access to refinancing for homeowners, and for other purposes. We are 70 years old, retired living in a rural area that has suffered significant home value loss since our home was completed in 2006. Our current loan is with a Credit Union with a variable rate and not eligible for refinancing under HARP 2.0 since it is not Federally insured yet significantly under water. We need help or we will lose our home.

  2. I also support S. 1373. I have an interest only loan that can be raised up to 11% in 2016. I purchased this loan in 2006 from Thornburg Mortgage because they held all their own paper and told me that I could refinance any time with them for a $1000 processing fee. Within 2 years they went into bankruptcy and the new company does not honor the same offer. I have always paid more than the interest rate, but will have to walk away if they raise my interest to 11% in 2016. this is not a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan. There is nowhere for me to go as I do not have an extra $50,000 to refinance the conventional way. PLEASE HELP!

  3. We are a growing family stuck in a home we have outgrown. We can’t move because of lost equity, we can’t refinance because our mortgage isn’t owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. We were strung along by Bank of America that we were able to re-fi with Harp 2, but not the case. I’m tired of being punished for paying our bills and doing the right thing. Can’t even short sale because of the taxes!

  4. Yes on s.1373. Too many of us are still upside down on our homes.we can not find help at this point without it. It’s the right thing to do for people in these tough economic times.

    1. We have a ‘balloon payment’ due Sept 2015, but if we cant re-finance we will lose our home. We dont qualify for any Harp or Hamp programs because of our income which by todays standards is low for two working people. Our lender has only one suggestion,and that is a ‘short sale’. Thats right! We should ruin our credit instead of the

  5. It is my hope that President Obama and the initial sponsors of HARP 3 will pass the bill soon.

    It is rediculously unfair for homeowners who can benefit from HARP 3 to be ignored and left out. Our tax dollars have rescued the big banks, the unemployed, the uninsured, wall street, car dealerships, insurance companies and multiple other groups with all our tax dollars! These groups have benefited from the from the good will of our legislators and our president.

    The mortgage scandal affected all mortgage holders!
    I believe we, as a class, have been singled out and penalized because we have good credit!

    I love our President and appreciate the good job he and other legislators are doing to help other people but am very angry because families who need HARP 3 have essentially been ignored!

    Currently, I can’t identify one thing that has been done for families like ours to help us get over the mortgage debacle!

    I wish someone could help us file a class action suit!
    The reason is, the Harp 3 bill doesn’t seem important enough for any legislator to do anything. They are too busy arguing and campaigning for office!

  6. I NEED harp 3 T9 pass.I have worked six days a week My credit is Outstanding I can not get A refiance loan Due To being about 80Thailand upside down in curent loan I have been paying on time for ten years now I feel i have paid about One hundred thirty thousand dollars now to the bank I Have ZERO EQUITY being ten years later MyLoan is not Freddie orFannyMay WE should be helped All My Monies goes to the bank mortgage The Loan GirL told me she WasThere to verbal explain my Loan Which I said I Did Not Understand Loan LegaL DOC She Told ThatI needed To Sign THEM Since She Had Verabl Explaid themTHAT The Loan Would End up with A One timeLocked inInterst Rate She Repeated Ive explained The loan Thats Why TheY WereThere Well it Was NOT TRUE WHAT SHE TOLD ME So i Have PAID A HUGH PRICE FOR NOW BEING in A VERY BAD COUNTRY WIDE LOAN WHICH Has Been Sold THREE Times Now WHAT DOSE PAYING ON TIME OUTSTANDING EXZELLENT CREDIT DO NOTHING Just UpSIDE DOWN DEBT of THREE HUNDRED SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS

  7. Like you we have good credit and are penalized by lenders because of it. We were advised to miss a few payments so we could qualify for the low fixed rated offered to families who are in trouble with their mortgages. I truly feel sorry for them. But I feel sorry for families like ours too, because we are carrying the burden of predatory lending practices. Our mortgage is upside down because of what these companies did and not because of anything we didn’t do. It is just not fair. I wish we could file a class action suit because our tax dollars are being used to help everyone one but us. The benefactors are investment banks, banks, companies too big to fail and families who are about to lose their home. Harp 2 intentionally excludes families like ours. This is wrong.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how this country works. I am one of the Middle Class citizens who has paid my mortgage payments since the date of inception. I have never been late and I also had absolutely no say in who could purchase my loan. My mortgage has been sold multiple times and yet I have always made my payments on time and like every other American in this situation, I am still underwater and not able to take advantage of any of the interest rates that have been presented. I have tried several times to attempt this and I was given the glimmer of hope that HARP 3 was right around the corner. You see, I do not own multiple homes like many members of our Congress, be it Republican or Democrat, they don’t seem to have an eye on “We The People”. We, the Middle Class, or what is left of it, are the level of society that are the worker bees. It seems that the harder we work, the more we get screwed. I do not have a “Fannie Mae, or Freddy Mac” loan. I am literally unable to do much of anything, even with a good credit score. I just want my appointed officials to grow a set and actually do their damn jobs!!!!! Where is my opportunity to improve my situation. I know I am not alone in this boat, but this boat is getting rocky and I need a little help now. I just want my fair shot. I’m not asking anyone to pay off my loan, I just want this underwater situation to go away so that I can make a difference in MY LIFE!

  9. Homeowners have been forgotten when it comes to Harp 3.0 and it’s time we dump the current administration and vote for someone that will not forget us. Just think….. if Harp 3.0 was passed many homeowners would be able to contribute to their children’s education and there would be no need for more money to be wasted. A refinance could lead to savings of $600.00 a month for me. This would add up to a total of $7200.00 per year. This could go to help a number of things in our household. Ahhh….., but that would be too simple for our government.

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